T21-1106, Light Grey Leather Slip Case

T21-1106, Light Grey Leather Slip Case
Produktnr.: T21-1106
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The iBand is constructed from the revolutionary d3o™,

an intelligent material that locks its molecules together on impact to absorb the energy of a shock and provide superior protection for your iPhone 3G and 3Gs. The iBands unique structure safeguards your iPhone, without compromising its stylish design.

Used by extreme sports brands and professional athletes from around the world, d3o™ offers unique impact protection for your iPhone 3G and 3Gs.

The clever bit...

At rest, the molecules inside d3o™ move freely, making it soft and flexible, while at the point of impact or shock, the molecules lock together to spread and absorb the force, safeguarding your iPhone 3G & 3Gs in a protective layer.

Full functional access

With full access to all ports and controls, the iBand offers a slimline and stylish way to safeguard your iPhone 3G & 3Gs, while you enjoy full functionality. Benefit from the ultimate, revolutionary protective shield for your iPhone 3G & 3Gs, without compromising its sleek design.

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